The folks at NMA were up late last night giving Bin Laden’s death the Taiwanese treatment and the final piece is pretty interesting, to say the least.

From the description:

Bin Laden was killed by the US Navy Seal on Sunday. While most part of the world is celebrating, NMA has made an animation to portray what had happened during the siege and what happens to him after his death.

Donald Trump was kicked off the air on Sunday to make way for some important news from President Barack Obama. Obama announced that US Navy Seals had located 9/11 mastermind Osama bin Laden at a large residential compound in a Pakistan neighborhood.

Pakistan claimed its intelligence agents were involved in the operation.

Bin Laden reportedly resisted capture. US forces recovered his body and said they would treat it according to Islamic tradition.

In Washington and around the United States, Americans took to the streets to celebrate. President Obama in his televised speech said justice has finally been served.


H/T Big Boy Craig Evans