Last weekend I took my friend who was visiting from San Francisco to breakfast at one of my favorite joints, The Serving Spoon in Inglewood.  It’s full of down-home good cooking.  In fact, Chad Ochocinco frequents the establishment whenever he’s in town.

We were very exhausted when we arrived, having been up all night raising hell with the gang.  We were enjoying our breakfast when our waitress slipped past us and put this post-it note next to my friend:

Say No To Crack

Apparently my friend had a crack problem that day and a big one at that.  This lovely woman was kind enough to let him know, as we were sitting at the counter right by the front door.  Everyone who walked in would have seen it.

To the waitress whose name I don’t remember due to the near coma I was in, I thank you.  You did my friend and all of your patrons a great service that day.