Some of the CS team are in Big Bear this weekend snowboarding and causing trouble. I was jealous of them even before seeing this in my inbox a few minutes ago.

Suck and Blow Jello Shots

I had to know more about the content of this photo. Where is this place? Is there a limit to how many of these Suck ‘n Blows you can buy? So many questions. I immediately got on the phone with TheDiplomat who took the picture. I’m told they are at Chad’s Place. By my calculations it will take me roughly three hours to get there if I leave now. I decide to search the web for Suck ‘n Blow deals in my area. Nothing turns up but I do get some insight on what these Suck ‘n Blows are…they’re awesome. Suck ‘n Blows, also known as Suck & Blows and Suck and Blows, are a type of jello shot that requires two people to operate: one person sucks one end of the tube-like apparatus while the other person blows into it. Here’s a photo of one. 


Suck and Blow Wildberry


Lucky for you I found video of these things in action.