Amazon Cloud Player

Amazon unveiled its Cloud Player in the middle of the night to US customers that allows you to upload your music to Amazon’s servers so you can listen to them anywhere—sort of. When it comes to listening to your music on-the-go, the service is currently limited to Android devices. Supposedly Amazon is blocking access to devices running Mobile Safari, having nothing to do with Flash. Amazon Cloud Player gives you 5GB free to store your MP3 purchases. Amazon will upgrade you to a one-year 20GB plan for free if you purchase an MP3 album. Other plans start at $20 a year.

Reports are coming in that music you upload is not transcoded for playback, meaning your 320kbps, high bitrate song may skip if you’re getting a slow data connection on your mobile device. We’re also hearing that your iTunes music will play on the Cloud Player so long as it’s DRM-free.

[via: Amazon]