It’s Oscar Sunday! In other words, it’s like Super Bowl Sunday for people like me. We have one last category to cover and it’s arguably the biggest and most important for many of the big Hollywood players. Movies that have been awarded the prestigious honor will typically re-release the film widely into theatres and make even more money than they already have. It’s a huge win for any studio.

And here are the nominees:

–          Black Swan

–          The Fighter

–          The King’s Speech

–          The Social Network

–          127 Hours

–          The Kids Are All Right

–          Inception

–          Toy Story 3

–          True Grit

–          Winter’s Bone

I truly hate the whole “let’s just nominate every single decent movie that came out so that more people watch our show”. I like having the same number of nominees in every category. Anyways, the winner of the biggest honor of the night will go to The King’s Speech. It has gone through an incredibly successful campaign run. Winning lots (acting, costumes, writing, etc.) and has the power of the Weinstein’s behind it. Never underestimate these guys. They know how to win. I’ll be happy to see this movie win. I thought it was very good. The Social Network was good, but it’s no match for The King’s Speech.

There are a few other categories that are near and dear to my heart such as Documentary and Foreign Language, but I appreciate that they are not as popular since many people haven’t seen the movies that have been nominated so all I say here is that I hope that Wasteland wins for best docu and that Incendies wins for Best Foreign Film. Oh and expect Aaron Sorkin and his lovely coif to win for best adapted screenplay for The Social Network. Cause that movie had incredible dialogue that moved along at an incredible pace. Well done.

Don’t forget that the Academy always loves a surprise. There are a few dark horses here that are ready to come strong.

In other news, have you noticed that Mark Wahlberg absolutely runs Hollywood right now? Cause he does. The Fighter, Entourage, Boardwalk Empire. All Wahlberg. He has become a major player in this world and it seems as if he’s just getting started.

Enjoy the show everyone. And may we enjoy some bad outfits and uncomfortable speeches.