OscarsWe’re just a couple of days away from the Oscars and rumors are swirling! People are convinced that there will be an upset of some kind. Maybe in the supporting actor category? Let’s break it down!

Actor in a supporting role:

–          Christian Bale (The Fighter)

–          Geoffrey Rush (The King’s Speech)

–          John Hawkes (Winter’s Bone)

–          Jeremy Renner (The Town)

–          Mark Ruffalo (The Kids Are All Right)

And the winner is…Christian Bale. He was simply awesome. To be honest, I really thought that Geoffrey Rush was a lock and then I saw The Fighter. Christian Bale will win. I will say that Geoffrey Rush was absolutely captivating in every scene – more so than Colin Firth. He was a huge force behind the movie as well – he pushed to get it made for years so I’m hoping he gets some sort of producer acknowledgement. Oh, and if you haven’t seen Winter’s Bone…do it. John Hawkes is incredibly talented. Who? What movie? Just watch it.

Actress in a Supporting Role:

–          Amy Adams (The Fighter)

–          Helena Bohnam Carter (The King’s Speech)

–          Melissa Leo (The Fighter)

–          Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit)

–          Jacki Weaver (Animal Kingdom)

And the winner is…umm…hmm…Melissa Leo? This is a tough one. Melissa Leo had all the momentum behind her. Had. She was winning all the awards leading up to this cause her performance was really that good and then she went and shot herself in the foot. She took out an ad in Variety, promoting herself – “Please consider Melissa Leo”.  It’s directed towards the Academy members who will be voting. Taking out ads like this is actually quite common, but it’s typically done by the studios in support of the actors. Not by the actors themselves. No idea why she did this. Maybe she felt she had to. Maybe she received some shitty advice. Maybe Mark Wahlberg wouldn’t spend the money. Whatever the reason, it was a bad idea and really tacky. She’s a working actress with a strong body of work behind her. She didn’t need to do this. I hope she wins. She was really great. Fingers crossed that Leo is able to shine. There are rumors that Hailee Steinfeld will make a run for it. This could totally happen but it would be a big shock.

Totally random fun fact: Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton have been in a relationship for a while now and they live in London, in neighboring homes with a connecting doorway. They just don’t feel that they can actually live together.