With over 300,000 apps currently available in the App Store, there is absolutely no shortage of crap. Not to say there isn’t quality apps, but what about those that are skimmed over because they don’t generate the flair or exposure that comes with rising sales volumes, viral adoption, and strong marketing pushes? Well lucky for you I sift through the dregs of the App Store to find and present the awesome apps you aren’t seeing or hearing about anywhere else. Welcome to week one of “Apps You’ve Never Heard Of But Are Awesome.”

Front Seat – [Download] – iPhone

I’m not a parent but I can see the value in this app. Front Seat keeps a history of who had the front seat when. The Seating History allows you to see the date and time of who occupied the front seat so no one can debate whose turn it is. A great way to keep control of your kids, friends, or siblings. “Hey son. Wash my car and I’ll let you sit in the front seat three times in a row.” After the third time it’s back to the trunk for son and wifey gets her turn up front. Excellent app. Download.

Front Seat iPhone App 1 Front Seat iPhone App 2 Front Seat iPhone App 3

Bridezilla Tamer – [Download] – iPhone/iPad

I’m not a married man but I’ve been to my share of weddings. I know all about the “Bridezilla” and their usually matching “Momzilla.” Bridezilla Tamer was built for the people that are in close contact to these specimens. The app provides you with jokes and things to say to help get you out of a sticky situation or help you deal with the stress. Download.

Bridezilla Tamer iPhone App 1 Bridezilla Tamer iPhone App 2

BlastShaker – [Download] – iPhone

This is like hot potato meets something with so much pressure it’s going to blast all over. The app displays an image of a soda bottle. You shake the phone to build up pressure until you pass it to the next player. Shake and repeat until the player  holding the phone makes the bottle blow. Make up some sort of stupid thing the loser has to do for not mastering the art of “edging.” Perfectly appropriate for use at family reunions and girl scout retreats. Download.

BlastShaker iPhone App 1 BlastShaker iPhone App 2

DrunkenContacts – [Download] – iPhone

Ever get that girl’s number but the next day can’t remember what her name was or even when you do remember her name can’t remember which Jessica it was? That’s where DrunkenContacts comes in. DrunkenContacts lets you filter your contacts by the ones you added today, yesterday, last weekend, or your own period of time. You can easily edit contacts directly from the app or call or text the girl to apologize for sneaking out so quickly that morning. Download.

DrunkenContacts iPhone App 1 DrunkenContacts iPhone App 2 DrunkenContacts iPhone App 3

Stay tuned for next week!