Felipe Melo just can't help himself

Brazilian soccer player Felipe Melo (not to be confused with ‘Melo in Denver) is what’s known as a “hard man.” His tackles are tough and made with the purpose of exacting a bit of psychological intimidation on his opponent. The 27 year old rode this style through the ranks of Brazilian soccer before making it to the top, featuring as a first-choice in the midfield for a premier club and national team.

Unfortunately, sometimes he just goes too damn far with his. His debut season with Italian club Juventus, (following a 22M Euro transfer) was a disaster and he racked up 14 yellow cards and one red for his over-enthusiastic play. He was even famously sent off in Brazil’s 2-1 quarterfinal loss to Holland in the 2010 world cup.

Melo hit a new low in Thursday’s loss to Parma in Seria A action. He was ejected (in his defense it was the first time this season) in the 17th minute for a kick to the face of Parma defender Massimo Paci that would fill Mr. Miyagi’s heart with pride. Peep below:

The man can’t help himself. It’s just Melo being Melo.