Infected Girl On Phone

I’m not talking about a stretchy piece of latex, I’m talking about protection from mobile malware. Malware is the virtual equivalent of cockroaches. It comes in different shapes and sizes—none of which you want. Some will take over your computer, turning your machine into a “zombie” or “bot” that enables the malware creator to use your computer along with the others who have been infected as an army to send spam mail, attack websites, and a host of other illegal activity without your knowledge. Malware can also be spyware. Do you continue to get annoying popups telling you to pay for software to remove the “virus” on your computer? The “virus” was created by the same people that you would pay to have it “removed”.

Coders of these malicious pieces of software are quickly moving their illicit practices from your computer’s operating system to your primary operating system; the one on your phone. And they’re getting smarter about how it gets there too—by embedding the malware in otherwise-looking legitimate mobile apps. Currently the most susceptible phones to malware are those running the Android operating system. But watch out iPhone jailbreakers (I’m talking to myself right now), your sexy retina display won’t shield you from the evil lurking in the air. So what do you do? If you’re running Android, Blackberry, or Windows, get Lookout. Lookout is a mobile security application that will protect your mobile device from malware, spyware, and viruses. Not only that, Lookout can remotely backup and restore your contacts as well as locate your phone if it’s stolen or lost. And this is just their basic offering. I must disclose that I’ve known the founders of the company for a long time, but I would not recommend something I didn’t stand behind. So go get your virtual condom and stick it to those wannabe cyber-gangsters. For more information about Lookout, check out their website.