The world is a crazy place these days, the Korean peninsula is on the verge of war, Bin Laden could be lurking around any corner, and natural disasters are become the norm not the exception so the obvious question must be asked; are your loved ones prepared for the coming apocalypse?  Your family members may have water in the closet, gold bars under the bed, a shotgun and enough food to last until the mushroom cloud dissipates, but do they have a place to go when all the cigarettes and coffee you’ve traded for shotgun shells kick in?  Fear not, Cosby Sweaters is here with the gift that keeps on giving, a disaster proof toilet:BucketToilet_cosbysweaters

Of course to go with it you’ll need plenty of these beauties (re-use is not in the holiday spirit):


And just because the apocalypse is upon you doesn’t mean you need to give up basic human dignity:


That’s right, it includes a magazine rack, although you may want to stock up on reading material now just in case your mailman doesn’t survive the reckoning.

Happy Holidays!