Wanksta 12-Year Old Gives Hip-Hop Advice

Have you ever wanted a career in hip-hop but never knew the best way going about it? Well now you can with advice from someone who was born after Tupac and Biggie died. I’ve provided a tracklist so you can easily float about the video and bookmark your favorite parts. Real talk.

00:01 (Intro) Marijuana Endorsement
00:20 Marijuana Endorsement
00:49 Tupac Endorsement
01:34 Eminem Endorsement
01:35 Tupac Endorsement
01:36 Biggie Endorsement
01:37 Lil’ Wayne Diss
01:38 Drake Endorsement
01:49 Lil’ Wayne Diss
01:55 Free Lil’ Weezy
02:06 I Want A Career
02:20 Marijuana Endorsement
03:15 How To Be A Successful Hip-Hop Artist
03:20 Murder Endorsement (good catch KB)
03:50 Kottonmouth Kings Diss
04:05 How To Say The F-word
04:10 Four Loko Endorsement
04:13 Corona Light Endorsement
04:50 Tupac Endorsement
05:13 Marijuana Endorsement
05:15 Outro