Despite being in the midst of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy re-organization and rapidly spiraling irrelevance Blockbuster is spending $20 Million on a brand new advertising campaign to try and convince everyone they still exist, literally according to CEO Jim Keyes:

One of the biggest challenges for Blockbuster for the past few years has been public perception, and this is intended to remind people that we’re still in business and we have a unique offering.

The ad campaign focuses on Blockbuster’s ability to offer new releases from Fox, Warner Bros., Universal and Sony 28 days earlier than Netflix and Redbox due to agreements those companies struck in light of studio concerns around low DVD rental prices undercutting DVD sales.  Not mentioned in the ad will be ongoing quarterly losses and the impending closure of up to 25% of their existing locations. 

Going out on a limb and guessing that no matter how cool the ads are the Cosby Sweaters NEtflix subscription will continue.