There’s a movement brewing in Colorado for the Broncos to bring back their orange jerseys as the permanent home game attire.  In the 1970’s a stingy defense and the iconic orange jerseys led to the team being called the Orange Crush and Broncos fans loved it.  Mile High stadium was a sea of orange at every home game.

The Orange Crush

At the end of the 1996 season the Broncos decided to switch their logo and their home colors from orange to blue.  Fans reacted poorly to that, even after the first two seasons in blue brought the franchise’s first two Super Bowl victories.

The Greatest Quarterback of All Time

Since then, per league rules, every team is allowed to wear an alternate jersey twice a year.  Twice a year the broncos bring back the Orange and the crowd goes retarded for it.  The last time the broncos wore the home orange was last Sunday when the Broncos scalped the Chiefs 49-29.


After the game the fans started insisting that every Sunday should be Orange Sunday, not just a couple of times a year.  Beleaguered coach Josh McDaniels was asked what he thought of the idea and he loved it.  He said it was always special to be in the locker room for himself and the team when they were allowed to wear the iconic orange jerseys.

Since then, a quickly growing number of Broncos fans has risen up and asked the Broncos’ front office to make a change.  In the past 72 hours, Campaign Orange has generated over 1000 emails to the Broncos’ PR department (each of them personally answered):

They wrote back within minutes

A petition on the web (signed by yours truly) has gathered over 6000 signatures:

Here’s the thing, Mr. Bowlen.  McDaniels supports the change and at this point anything that endears him to the rabid fans is a great move.  Also, a ton of teams use blue uniforms.  Let’s go back to our roots and bring back the orange jerseys permanently!  The team has until March 1st to inform the league of the change.  I, for one, would like to see it happen a lot sooner!