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Still no clear cut outstanding teams so far, which will make for some good down the stretch NFL watching.   Brett Favre gets chin-checked, Bills lose again, somehow the Raiders look not terrible, The Bengals still suck, and the Saints are back.  Enjoy the recap.

Colts – Injuries aren’t holding back the Colts yet.  We will see what happens when playoff time comes, but as of now at 5-2 they are looking very good.  Peyton Manning improved to 7-0 in his career at home on Monday Night Football.

Texans – A slight tailspin for a team loaded with talent.  Andre 3000 needs to get involved early and often.  Schaub seems a bit off recently, maybe was worried about the World Series?

Dolphins –Chris Henne and the entire Dolphins running game all are putrid.  Their defense may not be good enough to help them make the playoffs alone.  Dan Carpenter kicked 5 field goals to save Henne’s ass.

Bengals – So much talent, so little discipline, so few wins.  Not going to change with Carson and Marvin.

Jags – Don’t get excited; you beat the Cowboys, you still suck, and your franchise will be in LA soon enough.  David Garrard had 4 passing TD’s tying the Jaguars record for most passing TD’s in a game.

Cowboys – Only long term question is if they can somehow spark the Bills to win a few games this season so they can get the first pick in next year’s draft.  Oh yeah, Shitna had 4 pics.

Redskins – We got a situation!  I’m on McNabb’s side here.  Mike S needs to get out of the tanning booth, it is affecting his decision making.

Lions – Hell of a win from one of the most fun teams to watch in football.  Between Matthew Stafford (who threw 4 TD’s), Calvin Johnson and latest top pick Ndamukong Suh the Lions are on the road to respectability.

Bills – Zero and seven.  It sure would be cool for them to get a win sometime soon.

Chiefs – The Chiefs become the 5th team in NFL history to win a game with 0:00 left in overtime. The last time it happened was 1994.  The Chiefs have a 4-0 record at home this season after starting the previous season 0-4 at home.

Panthers – Hey Matt Moore, 3 interceptions probably won’t get the job done.  I’m going to need you to pick it up so Clausen’s cocky-ass stays planted on that bench.

Rams – Sam Bradford has 11 passing TDs in his team’s first eight games. That’s tied for the most by a rookie since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970.  4-4 isn’t so shabby.

Packers – The Packers defense is comprised of a bunch of grown ass men.

NY Jets – This is the Mark Sanchize that I know and despise.  It was only a matter of time before he reared his ugly head.  Rex Ryan definitely made a few questionable decisions in this one.  SHUTOUT!  In five victories this season Jets running backs were able to establish a strong running game up the middle. In their two losses they were unable to do so, posting significantly lower yards per rush and rushes per first down.

Denver – Management said that McDaniels job is secure until 2011.  I’d assume he is a goner after the regular season.  Since starting last season 6-0, the Broncos have lost 13 of their last 17 games.  Kyle Orton continues to throw up huge numbers and the rookie Brandon Lloyd adds another 169 receiving yards.  A massive year for him.

San Fran – Frank Gore had a great game and the 49ers had no turnovers.  That is a pretty successful formula for a much needed win.

Titans – Chris Johnson broke off this gem, but the Titans defense couldn’t keep up w/ Phillip Rivers.

Chargers – The Phillip Rivers to Antonio Gates connection could be the most potent in the entire NFL.  San Diego is now 3-1 at home this season, but 0-4 on the road.  This game was make or break for the Chargers season.

Seahawks– Bi-polar.

Raiders – What the hell is going on?  The Raiders (4-4) reached the .500 mark this late in the season for the first time since 2002.  Jason Campbell looked like an actual QB and DMac ran for over 100 yards again.  I’m sure Al Davis will find a way to trade him somehow.

Patriots – Patriots have won 16 straight home games vs the NFC. That is now the longest home non-conference win streak in NFL history.  The entire team looks very solid and they don’t seem to be missing Moss at all.

Vikings – Hello Tailspin…  Chin Check, BOOM!

Bucs – The Buccaneers are off to a 5-2 start and are 3-0 on the road.  Josh Freeman is slowly coming into his own and LeGarrette Blount (as he is known to do) punched the Cardinals in the face.

Cardinals – Two Cardinals QBs were intercepted twice in the same game for the first tea, since 2003 when Jeff Blake and Josh McCown did it.  Congrats!

Steelers – This was the shock of the week for me.  Big Ben (66.8 passer rating) and the offense still have some holes that need patching up.  The Steelers defense forced two takeaways and has forced two-plus turnovers in six straight games. On the season, Pittsburgh has 19 takeaways (22 total last season).

Saints – The Saints defense held the Steelers to 279 total yards and has held its last five opponents to under 300 total yards.  Now that Brees has showed up again, get ready for some big wins and the Saints of last year.