Former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry and former MLB reporter and current chef Jen Royle do not like each other. This was evident by a Twitter feud that turned ugly Saturday afternoon.

In a series of now-deleted tweets, McHenry – who’s in the midst of an awakening as a vocal Conservative voice – and Royle beefed over comments from the latter not owning a restaurant. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what McHenry said to Royle (since McHenry erased a ton of Tweets) but whatever it was, it set off Royle last night through this afternoon.

Royle got heated, calling out McHenry for not having a job while insulting her hair color. She also called the former ESPNer a “cunt,” in a now deleted tweet.

McHenry claimed she deleted her tweets because she doesn’t like having replies on her timeline.

It’s hard to really describe what exactly McHenry said considering she deleted all of her tweets. But, usually deleting tweets is an admission of guilt. Plus, it’s extremely hard to give McHenry the benefit of the doubt considering her past behavior. Shouldn’t both these people have better things to do then yell into the Twitter void?

Can we just call this a draw? You’d think hurling insults back-and-forth at each other – regardless of job status or political background – was above both of McHenry and Royle – apparently, it’s not.

[The Spun]

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  • 2pcj

    I can sorta see Britt McHenry as a junior varsity Tomi Lahren or less intelligent Kat Timpf. Seems like a wise career move for her with her unsuccessful stint in sports journalism probably precluding a return to the form.

    • inku palios

      Maybe Britt McHenry can join Fox Sports as Clay Travis’ female conservative sex object along with Kristine Leahy.

      • BigDfromLA

        Too bad Roger Ailes kicked the bucket. He would have hired her on the spot with her looks!

  • MrBull

    If you are a woman and calling another woman the C-word, then it’s the woman dropping that word is the one who started it…

  • Shawn Diiorio

    Call it a Double Disquaiification. No one wins and both lose.

    And yes deleted tweets are like destroying a cell phone to hide what you have done.

    I just kinda wonder if ESPN thought about McHenry’s incident from last year when they were considering layoffs. Had to ave thought about it a bit at least.

  • Carter_Burger67

    What is it called when you want both teams to lose? I couldn’t give a fack less about either one of them to be honest. The fact that Jen has retweeted this story four times now makes me believe she’s the one that wanted to start something. I wish they’d both go away.

  • Matthew Birmingham

    Such character and class from them both. Would you hire them?

  • sportsfan365

    Not sure why this is included on a sports web site. Perhaps you should put it on your Facebook page instead.

  • Sherrie

    Many thanks to these two…ladies…for advancing the cause of women in sports, and for giving misogynists everywhere an example that advances their idiocy. If these two disappeared today, I’d be thrilled.

  • CRC

    The first sentence sums both of them nicely: “former.” Shocking they both do not have jobs anymore.

  • Ondreij Schevchenko

    Loved it! More, gracias.

  • Vince

    Yeah, so I’m siding with the chef here. Britt McHenry seems like a major bitch that is the way she is because she got a big time job right out of school because she had big boobs and blew someone. I knew someone in college that was kind of the same. No one else could get a job and she had multiple big time offers. Also, this hasn’t been the first or second or third situation like this for her.