This ridiculous clip comes from Cairns, Australia, where a spectator attempted to ride a injured pro’s bike down the course at the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup. As you can see, things didn’t go so well. 

More details from a Reddit commenter:

The pro rider, Adam Brayton, crashed further up the track fairly hard and couldn’t finish his run so this bloke volunteered to take his bike back to the pits. Instead of pushing back up the steep, stupidly muddy track he decided to ride it to the bottom (as per usual with this sort of situation at state/national level). Most likely drunk (like most other spectators this far into the day) and encouraged by the crowd, he tried to show off/ride fast and binned the fuck out of it.

Absolutely brutal. That guy might want to rethink his aspirations to be a pro athlete the next time he’s been drinking all day. Also might want to invest in a helmet to avoid any more irreversible brain damage. Just a thought.