Despite a fantastic season from Phil Kessel, the Toronto Maple Leafs missed qualifying for the playoffs after a giant mid-season collapse. Shockingly, Leafs fans still seem pretty upset about that, and they’re not letting Phil off the hook.

While four NHL playoff games were on the slate Tuesday night, Kessel sent out the following tweet (which has since been deleted) and let his 203,000 followers know that he was spending the night fishing:

BlzK74FIEAAkER_ (1)

The responses were quite predictable:

This response was my favorite, however:

Anyways, with the less-than-kind responses he got, Phil sent this follow-up tweet (also since been deleted) a little more than 20 minutes after the original:


Kessel pretty much tossed trolls an alley-oop with his “doesn’t get much better” wording but, considering he’s basically the anti-reason for the Leafs struggles this season (and also a human), give the guy a damn break.

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