We’ve seen some pretty inventive and unique sports-themed haircuts through the years, but this one might be the best yet. This passionate New York Giants fan displayed his love of Big Blue with an incredible haircut in the form of MetLife Stadium.

jets-giants-metlife-stadium-haircutI appreciate how the Giants fan shows respect to his MetLife Stadium co-inhabitants by having one Giants endzone and one Jets endzone. However this is not just not your run-of-the-mill MetLife Stadium haircut. This Giants mohawk has working lights.


2013-11-01_1052As seen in the video from above, the hairdo appears to be from some barbershop competition by a hairstylist who loves both Daft Punk and lucha libre wrestling. You can skip to the six minute to enjoy the lighting of the head. To be fair, the stadium itself is not his hair, it’s pretty much a hat. One highly flammable MetLife Stadium hat.