Make a run for the tissues before you continue. Tremaine “Trey” Sampson scored the most important touchdown for the Balch Springs Jaguars on Tuesday. The 12-year-old from Texas went untouched as he ran for the score and the crowd erupted. The touchdown didn’t win the game for the middle school, but it was a precious moment for the boy who has cancer. Trey’s body has been ravaged by a form of bone cancer called osteosarcoma. The cancer is so horrific that doctors had to amputate his arm, hoping to stop the spread. The procedure was not effective and the cancer has spread to his lungs. After four more surgeries on his lungs physicians are giving him little hope, but the brave boy had one request.

“The one wish he had was to line up as a Balch Springs player and play in a football game,” Coach Johnson said. So the team made it happen and handed Trey the ball against the J.L. Long Bucanneers. After scoring the touchdown an elated Trey said, “It felt good. I was pretty happy when I made the touchdown. There were multiple emotions. I was happy… I was sad… it was just awesome.”

The Jaguars went on to win their game, but Trey was the real winner on this day.