God love the Miami Marlins.

After somehow getting tax payers to fund their ridiculous stadium, the Miami Marlins looked like they could turn into a formidable baseball franchise. They signed a bunch of marquee names, changed their logo, and looked like they were serious about contending.

Then, the wheels came off…of everything.

Fans didn’t show up to the lavishly neon Marlins Park, their star studded lineup couldn’t win, and their crazy manager continued to be batsh*t insane. In response, the Marlins decided to sell off pretty much anyone they could and begin one of their patented rebuilding cycles.

The Marlins came into this season with low expectations both on the field and in the stands. The Marlins haven’t come close to filling their stadium and currently sit 27 games back in the NL East.

To find people to come to games, the Marlins need to get pathetic creative. So they did.

The Marlins are giving away tickets for one dollar to “diehard” fans. How do you know if someone is a diehard fish fan? Uhh, like this:

The Marlins are happy to offer a limited number of seats to our most loyal fans. Thank you for being a loyal social media follower and Marlins Insider email subscriber! It’s #DiehardFish like you that make this organization what it is. Thank you.

This offer may be redeemed by using the coupon code: HASHTAG for the game on Tuesday, August 20th versus the Los Angeles Dodgers. Please note, a $1 per ticket charge will apply to all orders.

Although they are 44-73 this season, the Marlins haven’t been all that hard to watch thanks to Jose Fernandez — the gem of their young pitching staff. Definitely worth the price of admission in the year 1931.

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