Was Madonna brainwashing us during the halftime show? Who are the Illuminati? Why would they want to turn a bunch of drunk football fans into Satan worshiping drunken zombies?
Now, I love a good conspiracy theory, some I tend to believe. I don’t think Oswald acted alone, and yes I do believe the government controls way more than we can ever imagine, but this takes the cake, Madonna acting out a ritual for a secret society at halftime of the Super Bowl is a little far fetched.

Some people believe the Illuminati use governments and corporations in their favor to build what they like to call The New World Order, which is an authoritarian government controlled by the rich and powerful of the world. It is believed they hand pick the president, oh, and worship Satan.

Honestly, the only conspiracy is how LMFAO got on stage.

Well, now that I think about it, Indianapolis is rampant with Illuminati and Free Mason symbolism. Maybe something is going on here!