This poor fan came to the Yankees game looking for some snacks, some fresh air, maybe a couple cold ones, and possibly some baseball.  She did not expect the baseball to hit her in the eye.  Unfortunately she caught a deflection on a foul ball right in the face,  The reaction is priceless.  She is ok.

via NY Barstool

  • ChiliHeadDave

    Q: What is the difference between this woman and A-Rod?

    A: A-Rod takes a lot of balls to the chin.

  • erikpye

    I am starting a petition that will now allow the tool who missed the catch to even think about baseball anymore. It hit you in the elbow? I can understand bouncing off the fingertips, or dropping a barehanded catch, but IT DIDN’T EVEN HIT YOUR HANDS. If I were the lady that got hit, and I saw this reply, I’d probably smack you upside the head.

  • iceman


  • feanorian

    The reaction is priceless? Let’s hit a baseball in the author’s face and then we can talk about how the reaction is “priceless”. Ass.

  • KellyPrunettiBrewer

    I think the girl that is laughing behind her eshould be shot….thats rude….compassion and consideration and care might be better than laughing at her..what a jerk!!!!!