Oh you hussy

We’ve all been there.  You’re sent out of town on business for a few days and make your way down to the hotel bar.  You get a few beverages in you, meet a fellow traveller and end up back in the room bumping uglies.

It happened to a woman in Australia recently.  She was out of town on a trip and brought a gentleman back to her room.  During the course of her, ahem, “business meeting” a light fixture came loose from the wall and hit her in the face and did some decent damage to her nose, mouth and a tooth.  She says that she suffers from “a consequent psychiatric injury,” which involved some sort of “adjustment disorder,” as well

So what does she do?  She sues her employer.  Her argument is that because the injuries were sustained “during the course of her employment” that her employer should compensate her for the damages.

The best part?  Her employer is the Australian government.

Naturally, the Australian government turned down her claim,  reasoning that sex “was not an ordinary incident of an overnight stay like showering.”

Her lawyers came back and said that sex is a VERY ordinary incident.  Her attorney said that, “This is no different than slipping over in the shower or being bashed by a gang of thugs after a dispute over a woman.”  Wait, what?  Kind of extreme there, bub!

The case is now being heard by a Federal Court judge, who has yet to make a ruling.