Mark Zuckerberg, the guy who steals his friends’ ideas and takes advice from Justin Timberlake, unveiled* the new Facebook profile this evening on 60 Minutes. The new profile changes (I won’t call them enhancements because they’re not) make it easier for people to see recently tagged photos of you that you’ve yet to untag, adds prominent thumbnails to the music artists, movies, and television shows you like, and let’s you create and display groups of people you participate in recreational, educational, and work activities with. “Kanye West samples, here’s one for example”:

Josh Wiseman Facebook New Profile Yawn

I wanted to know what the people at MySpace thought about it so I called Tom Anderson. Tom didn’t pick up but this is how the phone call would have went:

“Hi this is Tom at MySpace”

“Tom it’s Iceman”

“Hi Iceman.”

“You can be my wingman any time. Get it? What do you think of the new Facebook profiles?”

“Facebook copies us more and more everyday. Here at MySpace we’ve always said that the more crap we can display on one page the better. That’s why we let our users make video wallpapers, embed their crappy music, and have resource draining load times.”

“Later Tom.”

Want to update your profile to the new profile? Go here.

*actually Josh Wiseman did but I don’t remember him from the movie