Colin Kaepernick Credit: Nike

Colin Kaepernick hasn’t suited up for an NFL game since the 2016 NFL season. However, he hasn’t given up on being part of NFL Sundays.

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback has long tried to find a way back into the league since he was essentially blackballed over his national anthem kneeling protests. Over the years, Kaepernick has made it clear he would love another shot to play and has even held tryouts with current NFL players in order to entice NFL teams to sign him. However, it doesn’t seem like any of them will consider doing so.

Most recently, he reached out to the New York Jets when Aaron Rodgers went down with a torn Achilles to see if he could help them out. The franchise decided to focus on Zach Wilson until Rodgers eventually returns to the team.

This past Sunday, Kaepernick shared an image on social media showing off just how much he still wants to be a part of NFL gamedays.

“On Sundays we represent,” read the caption on an image of someone wearing a shirt from Kaepernick’s Nike line. The sports company recently launched a new clothing and apparel collection that promotes Kaepernick’s legacy on and off the field.

The shirt pictured is currently for sale on Nike’s website for $50.

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