An Iowa man was arrested on Sunday morning after allegedly assaulting local police. So why are we reporting on it? According to the Iowa City Press-Citizen, Turner Joseph Ellis was booked after “using a football move” to injure a cop. Yes, you read that correctly.

Police were called to a scene where Ellis reportedly stood over a man who was knocked out. After police contact, Ellis booked it and was chased. After police caught up with him, Ellis allegedly pushed an officer with a “football move” tearing the cop’s pants and injuring his knee. Unsurprisingly, Ellis was drunk during the incident, checking in with a dangerous .142 blood alcohol level.

What does football move mean? Well, considering he’s a freshman and linebacker for the Upper Iowa University Peacocks, I’d imagine it involved quite a bit of force. Perhaps, he shed block him and knocked a cop to the ground. Regardless, it’s not a smart move to (allegedly) get hammered, knock someone out, run from the cops and injure them too.

Ellis faces charges of assault on persons in certain occupations, bodily injury and an aggravated misdemeanor. Whether he’ll remain on the Peacocks roster after the incident remains to be seen.

[Iowa City Press-Citizen/Photo via Press-Citzen]

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