Yes, we all know that the likes of Kentucky, Wisconsin and Duke are among the heavy favorites to grab top seeds in the NCAA tournament and advance to the Final Four. But what exactly are the odds that each of those three teams and the other 22 squads in this week’s AP Top 25 win four tourney games (sorry, but a First Four win is not actually a tournament victory) and advance to Indianapolis?

We are less than five weeks away from Selection Sunday and will soon face the unavoidable tunnel of baseless predictions and obnoxious co-workers wishing to reveal their Final Four picks to everyone in the free world. Before the madness begins, people from handicappers to casual fans are attempting to find their dark horses and legit contenders and although no one has a damn clue what will happen during tourney time, we can at least peruse various calculations to see which teams have the highest odds.

The folks at Team Rankings keep tabs on every game and are constantly running those calculations to see which teams have the best chance to reach the tourney, Sweet 16, Final Four, etc. This week’s Re-Rankings use that information (as of Monday, February 9th) to rank all 25 teams in the current poll by their odds to be playing in Indy come April 4th. They are ranked from worst odds to best odds.

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