Olivia Dunne

Over the past few years, LSU Tigers superstar gymnast Olivia Dunne has become one of the most popular athletes in all of college sports and has amassed an absolutely massive following on social media, in part due to her willingness to showcase her body. As a result, she’s gotten quite a bit of undesired attention.

Earlier this year, hordes of young men packed the Jon M. Huntsman Center in Salt Lake City at LSU’s season opener this January and caused a security threat as Olivia Dunne tried to leave the arena following the meet.

Dunne addressed the issue on Twitter shortly after the event, thanking them for their support but pleading for them to stay respectful. And during a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, she sent an even more blunt message to the boys.

“Girls aren’t responsible for the bad behavior of boys,” Dunne told SI. “A lot of gymnasts are taught to keep quiet, and that led to a lot of abuse in the sport. I want to be part of the new generation that tells girls to use their voice. You can be comfortable in your own skin and be strong, sexy and smart.”

It’s clear that Dunne has no intention of staying quiet about things she feels passionate about.

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