Conan O’Brien took his show to Texas this week and he wanted to prove that he knew everything to know about Texas. Dirk Nowitzki, a self-proclaimed “true Texan,” stopped by the show to administer a Texas citizenship test. The Dallas Mavericks star asked several questions about Texas history, culture and sports. Conan responded confidently and while his answers might not technically be correct, they are hilarious. Some of the questions and answers were:

What is the leading cause of heart attacks in Texas? – Tony Romo
Name the largest dome in Texas? – Dr. Phil
What is the state bird? – Beef
What is the state flower? – Beef

Dirk asks “What is my NBA nickname,” to which Conan correctly answered “The Dunkin’ Deutschman.” Then Nowitzki said that these answers would have also been correct:

Dirk Diggler
The German Wunderkind
The Germanitor
The 7-Foot Schnitzel
The Berlin Tall
Super Strudel

And then a whole bunch of German names that I would have no idea how to spell. Then there is a photo portion of the test where Conan must correctly identify famous Texas sports stars. Some of the questions are pretty difficult and I even struggled with this one.
 Dirk Nowitzki Gives Conan The Texas Citizenship Test