“The Morning Cheat Sheet” is designed for those who may not eat, drink, or breathe sports on a regular basis. Cosby Sweaters delivers the essential bite-sized talking points you can use throughout the day to sound like an expert. When your significant other, coworkers, boss, kids, or the mailman dive into sports related conversation, simply recall and regurgitate “The Morning Cheat Sheet” and watch them nod their head in agreement (or spit out their coffee). Take that sports nerds.

1) Heat Too Much For Celtics – The Miami Heat moved onto the next round of the NBA playoffs after beating the Celtics 97-87 last night.  The Heat await the winner of the Bulls v Hawks series.  Lebron James scored the last 10 points for the Miami Heat to close the game out.  All good to say: I really don’t like Lebron James much, but he really closed out that game last night.

2) Big game 7 Tonight in Hockey – The San Jose Sharks play the Detroit Red Wings in the final game 7 of their series this evening.  The Tampa Bay Lightning, Boston Bruins, and the Vancouver Canucks have all moved past the second round and the Canucks will play the einner of the series winner.  The Red Wings were losing 3 games to 0 but have won the past three (which doesn’t happen often).  All eyes on game 7 tonight.  Have no problem blurting out: I love a good game 7 in the NHL playoffs, it would be insane if Detroit pulled this comeback off.

3) Sad News – In very tragic news Robert “Tractor” Traylor, who used to play basketball for the University of Michigan passed away yesterday from a massive heart attack.  He was a 300lb basketball player who was really loved by many.  He has been recently playing basketball in Puerto Rico and was only 34 at the time of his death.  It is perfect to say a prayer for him and his family.