Unless you went to Washington or Washington State, you probably didn’t watch the two Pac-12 teams play in the Apple Cup this weekend. The game was actually pretty eventful. Washington State put together an 18-point comeback victory to defeat their in-state rivals 31-28 in overtime.

But what is making the headlines from that game is not the game itself, instead it’s the Washington State fans. Some Cougars fans were so excited by the win that they decided to rip out a row of bleachers and pass them down the entire section they were sitting in.

That was just the beginning, however. After the clock struck zero, the real chaos started. The Washington State faithful started storming the field and that’s when one Cougars fan decided to hit Washington tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins with a nasty cheap shot.

It happens at roughly the 0:12-0:13 mark when Seferian-Jenkins (in the uniform with a white top and purple bottoms) is walking across the 45-yard line (bottom right of screen). After the fan takes down Seferian-Jenkins, you can see he then darts off to the right and gets lost in the crowd. Pretty cowardly move, if you ask me.



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