Rapper Snoop Dogg Lion is a well known fan of Oregon’s De’Anthony Thomas having included Thomas on a youth league team he sponsored and even anointed him with his Black Momba* nickname. Snoop is also a well known fan of USC football and this week he gave the PAC-12 network his thoughts on Oregon running back/wide receiver/Heisman hopeful De’Anthony Thomas. Snoop wasn’t shy in letting USC head coach Lane Kiffin know how he felt watching Thomas tear up the Trojans last season:

When they kick the ball off to him I’m like oh please don’t do it. don’t do it! Kiffin please! And he went ahead and did it. And if you do that he’s gonna bite you. That’s what the Black Momba do.

But as much as Snoop supports SC he clearly roots for Thomas no matter where he plays:

Him being an Oregon Duck, it don’t bother me.

As to the controversy surrounding how the Ducks lured DAT away from the Trojans at the last minute, Snoop puts all that on the increasing aura of cool surrounding Chip Kelly’s Oregon program:

SC, y’all should have known better than to let him fly out there to Oregon to go see all that Nike and all them uniforms and all that style, all that flavor.

I am no expert on what’s cool but when Snoop says any kid who sees your school in person should want to go there that’s a pretty good endorsement.

You can see the full video here:

* – According to De’Anthony his nickname is spelled “Momba” not “Mamba” so there you go.


Via OregonLive