Cristal and khakis, baby.

University of Michigan’s football coach Jim Harbaugh is quite the character. From his trademark khakis to bringing wrestling legend Ric Flair out for the Wolverines’ signing day, he’s made just as much of an impact off the field as he has on. And he continues to do so… by showing up in rap video. Makes sense.

Rapper Bailey released the video for his new song “Who’s Got It Better Than Us?” featuring quite a bit of Michigan fandom, sure to piss off a few Ohio State and MSU fans. Harbaugh is ¬†prominently featured in the video (and the song, even!), as he chills on the training field and bumps his head inside what appears to be a Lamborghini. And no, that last part is not made up.

giphy (22)


It seems as if Jim is completing some kind of bucket list, which is fine by us as long as he makes it to all his games and his fashionable pants ironed. Hopefully he can keep his energy up long enough for Michigan’s first game back against Notre Dame.

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