We may have lost our bet on the Trail Blazers last night but damn was that exciting to watch or what! Damian Lillard MY GOD! The man is in his second year and is already a Rip City legend. He’s heating up! Hell, HE’S ON FIRE! NBA JAM STYLE!

There are 12 games in The Association tonight. What are the best bets and who is going to win Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Pre-Finals? We’ve got the answers for you. Let’s jump right into the game of the night.

Pacers +3.5 @ Heat

Is LeBron James going to play tonight in Miami against the 20-4 Indiana Pacers? The answer is probably yes. Will LeBron be at full strength? Absolutely not. Therefore the only logical gambling choice (not sure if this is actually a thing) is the Pacers.

We all know about the Pacers at this point. They have one of the best players in the NBA, Paul George, the Defensive Player of the Year so far, Roy Hibbert, and the best starting five in the NBA per 100 possessions. The Pacers play hard every single possession and are a top three defensive team in the league to boot. You can’t beat the Pacers without your best players playing great games. I cannot expect LeBron to play at his best tonight as he recovers from his minor ankle sprain. Pacers by 5.

With so many other games and great bets going on in the NBA tonight it’s time to break out the quick hitters.

Spurs -2 @ Suns

Any time the Spurs are playing an inferior team and are favored by under 3 points you have to take them, regardless of situation. This is still the Spurs. The Suns athleticism may bother San Antonio for a period of time; however, the Spurs have enough firepower to eek one out in the desert. Spurs by 4.

Blazers +2 @ Timberwolves






Blazers by 7.

Magic -3.5 v. Jazz

The Jazz have, statistically, the worst defense in the NBA. That is not good news against a Magic team that is improving rapidly on offense and features some of the most athletic and skilled guards in the NBA. While the Magic aren’t fantastic themselves defensively, they should have enough defense to slow down the pathetic Jazz attack. Magic by 10.

Knicks -3.5 @ Bucks

You may not want to follow on this bet because I have been atrocious this year when betting on or against the Knicks. Whenever I zig they zag. They’re as frustrating for a gambler as they are on their own fans. But you always bet against the Bucks. ALWAYS! Knicks by 6.

Season: 12-11-1

P.S. Here is who I like in every other game tonight: Boston -1, Wiz +4.5, Toronto -7, Atlanta -6.5, Memphis +9.5, Houston -8, Clippers -10.5.


Jason Gold is the Founder and Co-Editor in Chief of SportsMoneyLife.com. Follow Jason on Twitter @TheSportsGuy33.