The use of Buffalo symbols by various teams has always been prevalent. In many cases, these animals symbolize fortitude and strength. Beyond this, they also represent courage, desire, and fairness. As more people engage in sports activities – as fans or enthusiasts – the use of an animal that represents a major symbol in the lives of Americans has become more influential. All these have contributed to the popularity of buffalo symbolism in American sports. To further reflect its popularity, a few online slots – including Buffalo Grand, Buffalo Kings, among others – have their themes based on these strong beasts. Next, we will consider the greatest Buffalo logos in sports that have taken a special place in world history and are worthy of your attention.

Buffalo Logos in Popular Sports Team

To represent their values, competitiveness, and desire, many teams resort to the use of Buffaloes. The use of these brave beasts in sports can be traced back to the 1890s when the first football and baseball teams in Buffalo City were formed. A team of medical students in 1894 saw it only appropriate to portray these teams – from the Buffalo University football – with the use of a strong and aggressive animal with a name similar to that of the city it originates from. Since then, its use has been prevalent, with many teams adopting it, especially in the 1960s and 1970s. Despite all the changes most of these teams have employed in these logos, the use of Buffalos has stood the test of time. The representation of aggressiveness, bravery, and resilience is not restricted to a single sport. Some of the popular teams with Buffalo Logos are introduced as follows:

Buffalo Bulls (Basketball)

This team – which represents the University of Buffalo – started playing in 1915. It would only join the MAC in 1998. Some of its popular players, include Ronaldo Segu, Josh Mballa, Kuluel Mading, among others. The present trainer of this Buffalo basketball team, who is in his second season, is Jim Whitesell. It currently competes as a member of the Mid American Conference (MAC) division. Initially, it was known as Buffalo Bison. It wasn’t until the 1930s that it changed its name to Bulls to prevent confusion with other teams. It was in 2016, after the departure of Danny White, that the University declared that it would return to Buffalo-based branding.

Buffalo Bills (American Football)

Founded in 1960, this team became a member of the National Football League (NFL) in 1970. It boasts some of the most popular players in this discipline, including Stefon Diggs, Josh Allen NFL, Christian Wade, Taron Johnson, Bruce Smith and Emmanuel Sanders. The lineup is currently trained by Sean McDermott. Since Bills were formed, they have employed the use of 4 different logos. The NFL Buffalo Bills basketball team was represented by Buffalos running with teammates between 1960 – 1961. This changed to a Buffalo and a football Buffalo state player in 1962. A Red Buffalo became the logo in 1970 and this would only last for three years before they resorted to a flying Buffalo with red stripes. This represents the lineup’s determination of charge to victory. The stripes depict its progressive movement. One of the famous competitions in history was the Buffalo Bills vs. Kansas City Chiefs football game.

Buffalo Sabres (Ice Hockey)

This professional NFL Buffalo Sabres hockey team was founded by the Knox brothers in 1970. Some of its notable players are Anderson Bjork, Rasmus Asplund, Aaron Dell, Dylan Cozens among others. The team’s first line-up was managed by Don Granato. It has been a member of the National Hockey League in the United States. Because the team represents Buffalo City in New York, its owners saw it appropriate to name it after the City and its strong beast. In 1970, the sabres hockey team logo comprised two sabres around a running white Buffalo. This had two colour variations, including yellow and blue. One of the most memorable matches was the Boston Bruins Buffalo Sabers. As a team that has won so many awards in the past – including Division Championship and Conference Championship – it is only appropriate to represent it with a symbol that depicts its strength and resilience. The 2 sabres represented this team’s constant winning mood. It retained this logo for about 26 years until it lost one of its owners. However, the Buffalo Sabres ice hockey team changed its logo 3 times between 1996 – 2010 after which it reverted to the 1970 design with few details added to it.

Buffalo Stampede (Ice Hockey)

Founded in 2021, this team will be led into its inaugural USPHL 2021-2022 season by Jason Bonsignore who – as a veteran NHL forward – offers this team his experience as the head coach and general manager. Some of its best players are Bryson Miller, Caden Cranston, Jace Cranston, among others. This Buffalo Stampede hockey team is a member of the United States Premier Hockey League. It aims at advancing players to NCAA programs. It also develops hockey players to advance to different levels of the league, including Junior, Collegiate, and professional hockey. This Buffalo Stampede roller hockey team is represented by a logo that features an angry Buffalo which represents the team’s resilience, strength, and aggressiveness.

Buffalo Bisons (Baseball)

Buffalo Bisons are a Minor League Baseball team that was founded in 1877 – over 140 years ago. Some of its top players are Dalton Pompey, Jesús Montero, among others. This team’s performance is managed by Casey Candaele. Its name originates from its city – Buffalo, New York. It made its debut with a blue and white logo that includes a Buffalo holding a bat. The team had already changed its logo three different times from 1998 – 2013. This was done to display its partnership with its sponsors. All these changes represent the core values of this team: courage and resilience. The design was improved in 2013, with more blue and red colours added. It boasts the all-time records for a single-season attendance of over 1.24 million tickets sold.

Buffalo Beauts (Ice Hockey)

Founded in 2015, it is one of the leading franchises of the National Women Hockey League. Some of its top players include Lisa Chesson, Cart Flagg, Erin Gehen, and many more. Its first lineup is trained by Rhea Coad. This professional women’s ice hockey team is located in Amherst, New York. In its first 4 seasons, this team played at Harborcenter in Buffalo. Now, it plays its matches at Northtown Center. Buffalo Beauts was owned by Pegula Sports and Entertainment between 2017 – 2019. Its logo is represented by a black Buffalo standing surrounded by stars and a crown, with “Beauts” boldly written at its foot. This black beast reflects the team’s determination and courage. For a team that maintains its strong belief in diligence and patriotism, a Buffalo best represents its ideas.

Bucknell Bison (Track)

Founded in 1923, Bison’s men and women indoor and outdoor track lineup is managed by head coach, Kevin Donner. It boasts several talented athletes, including Alex Dessoye, Ashlyn Ramos, Alex Clarke, among others. This athletics Buffalo Bisons basketball had its name coined from that of the department of Sports at Bucknell University. This university selected a Bison as its mascot animal under the leadership of Dr Bartol in 1923. This mascot animal was used in 1990 and the department resorted to using a logo that features a blue Bison that charges out with a red stripe by its side. This logo represented determination and resilience. The red stripes stood for speed. This design was since changed to one featuring an aggressive Bull that charges towards a “Bucknell Bison” sign. As a team that prioritizes team spirit and honor, a Bison portrays its core value of self-belief and strength.

Red Bull (Racing)

Since its inception in 2005, the Red Bull racing lineup has acquired some modern-day greats, including Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. Competing in the 2021 Formula 1 World Championship, its race drivers are Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen and test driver Alex Albon. This Buffalo sport team is managed by Christian Horner. Red Bull Racing, which competes as Red Bull Racing Honda, is a United Kingdom Formula 1 competitor. Even though it is based in the UK, it holds an Austrian license. Its logo is represented by two powerful red Bulls charging towards each other with a checkered flag. For a team that has been consistent over the years, it is only appropriate to portray its ideas with a logo that signifies speed and power. This beast also represents this team’s athleticism and long-term consistency. As of the time of writing, this team’s main sponsor is Aston Martin.

Buffalo Destroyers (Football)

Founded as Buffalo Destroyers in 1999, some top talents that played for this team were Terrill Shaw, Howard Smothers, Aaron Sparrow, and many others. The head coach before they disbanded in 2019 was Matthew Sauk. This Arena Football League team had its name changed to Columbus Destroyers. It was initially located in Buffalo but would later relocate to Columbus, Ohio and its home games were played in Nationwide Arena. It made playoff appearances 3 times, in 2000, 2002, and 2007. Buffalo Destroyers have folded after 10 seasons of play. Its old logo involved an angry Buffalo with a round metal around its neck and the word “Buffalo Destroyer” written on top. This old logo characterized its competitive nature as a team, but to further describe the team’s resilience and commitment, this logo would later be changed in 2019 to another which simply involved “Buffalo Destroyer.”

Buffalo Blues (Baseball)

Founded in 1914, this team featured notable players, including Nick Allen, Fred Anderson, Hal Chase, among others. This team was last trained by Walter Blair, Harry Lord, and Larry Schlafly, who were all players but also formed the coaching team. This was a baseball team that played in the Federal League – a minor tournament back in 1913. It was located in Buffalo City, New York, and would only exist for 1 year before it was disbanded in 1915. Its initial name, when it was founded, was Buffalo Buffeds. The Blues represented the last of 3 Major League lineups Buffalo boasted between 1879 – 1915. This team’s logo featured a charging blue Buffalo. Part of its mission was to build a team of players with strong character, athleticism, and resilience. For this reason, it was only appropriate to portray this idea with a logo that featured a brave, athletic beast.

Buffalo Braves (Basketball)

This was an American Basketball team that began to play in 1970. Its top players included Morris Marcus, George Paul, Batum Nicolas, among others. University Buffalo basketball took an important part in the creation of this team. Under the ownership of Steve Ballmer, Tyronn Lue was appointed as the head coach. Between 1970 – 1971, it had a Buffalo in the center of yellow basketball with feathers surrounding it as its logo. Depicting the bravery of the Buffalo Braves basketball team, this beast signified strength and power. This symbol was modified in 1971 to a blue “B sign” which represented the word “Buffalo.” Its name was changed to San Diego Clippers in 1978 when they moved to San Diego. It would change its name again to Los Angeles Clippers in 1984 when they moved to Los Angeles.

Chicago Bulls (Basketball)

This is a professional basketball team that was founded in 1940. Some of its popular players include Bradley Tony, Caruso Alex, Jones Derrick, and many more. Its most popular player ever, who is arguably the greatest Basketball player of all time, is Micheal Jordan. This team is currently managed by head coach, Billy Donovan. As a member of the Eastern Conference Central Division, this team competes in the NBA. Since its inception, it only played its first game in 1966, after several efforts. The Buffalo Bulls NFL is characterized by an angry Buffalo in its logo. The drop of blood on the Beast’s horn depicts the ferocity of this team. After all, this is a lineup that boasted the talents of Micheal Jordan – a player who won the NBA MVP awards 6 times while playing for the Chicago Bulls.