MMA FighterToday’s edition of “Don’t Mess With That Guy” comes from New Mexico, where an MMA fighter fought off four home intruders who attempted to break into his family’s mobile home. Joe Torrez, a 27-year-old, 155-pound lightweight, was home on New Year’s Eve with his fiancee, his son and his fiancee’s sister, when four men attempted to force their way inside. Bad idea.

Torrez managed to fight off all four intruders, one of which died at the scene of multiple stab wounds and blunt force trauma to the head. Another victim was hospitalized with “severe facial injuries”. The two remaining attackers managed to escape unharmed, but were apprehended. All three survivors now face charges of aggravated burglary, conspiracy to commit aggravated battery and criminal damage to property.

Las Cruces Sun-News reports the home invasion was the latest incident in an on-going feud between Torrez and his attackers. Court documents say one of the intruders, Leonard Calvillo, made a threatening phone call to Torrez just prior to the attack. After it was over, neighbors reported that four or five trucks pulled up to the house and Torrez and his family cleared out that night.

Torrez, whose career record stands at one win and five losses, may face charges in the stabbing death — his lawyer is claiming self defense. But Torrez can sleep at night knowing he’s 4-0 in fights for his life.

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