In the off-season leading up to the 2012 season, the Chicago Cubs acquired Third Baseman Ian Stewart from the Colorado Rockies in return for Outfielder Tyler Colvin, whom many Cubs fans (including yours truly) thought was going to be a staple in the Cubs outfield for a handful of years to come. Due to a revolving door of injuries and lack of on-field production since the trade, Mr. Stewart, a former 10th overall pick in the draft,  has played just 55 games of a possible 223 for Chicago’s big league club.

A career .232 major league hitter, and currently in the midst of an abysmal 2013 AAA minor league campaign, Stewart is hitting just .164 with four home runs and FORTY THREE strikeouts in 110 at-bats. While these numbers would suggest an extended stay in the minors this season is inevitable, the 28 year old Stewart seems to feel quite the opposite about the situation. Did I mention he is making $2 million a year while playing for the Cubs Triple-A Iowa affiliate?

He is actually a very entertaining follow on Twitter as he holds nothing back and is extremely colorful, but the past 24 hours he probably did himself zero favors regarding a potential call-up anytime in the near future. Calling out your franchise’s front office and big league manager is usually not the best route to getting back into a major league lineup. Some of his not-so-smart tweets are pictured below. This is the epitome of how social media in athletics can be detrimental and why keeping it “one-hundred” is not always the greatest idea.