Overpaid players are criticized daily for not earning their salary and becoming a liability to their organization.  Athletes such as Alfonso Soriano, Kevin Kolb, Matt Cassel and Rashard Lewis are among those whose on-field or on-court contributions certainly do not equal their mega salaries but, along with other athletes, are not the only ones that are wildly overpaid.   The ones that scrutinize and critique these players are oftentimes more overpaid than the players.

Was Todd McShay a former NFL player or coach with a recognizable face prior to becoming one of ESPN’s NFL draft experts? How about Mel Kiper Jr.? McShay and Kiper are among an elite and very select group of analysts or commentators that actually earn their money and are not grossly overpaid.  ESPN has led the gung ho attitude of signing any retired or inadequate player or coach that can smile while rambling over irrelevant or foolish sports-related topics.  We all know you have to run the ball to control the clock.  We all know you must make your free throws in order to score more points.  And we all know, Herm Edwards, that players should show passion and exhibit enthusiasm toward their teammates.

While it is significantly more difficult to obtain accurate salaries for Herm Edwards or fellow atrocious analysts Tedy Bruschi, Jalen Rose, or Dick Vitale, it can be assumed they make a hefty sum, most likely seven figures.  Is Jalen Rose’s so-called ‘expert’ 8-year-old analysis really worth $1 million per year?  Is Dick Vitale’s year-round screams and constant sucking up to IU hoops, Coach K, and Big Blue Nation baby really worth $1 million? 

Further, Todd McShay and Jalen Rose were recently guests on Mike & Mike in the Morning on ESPN Radio discussing the NFL Draft…why Rose was invited to discuss football or any sport for that matter is beyond me.  The comparison arose of McShay’s highest rated quarterbacks over the last decade vs. quarterbacks expected to be picked in the 1st round of the 2012 draft and both Rose and McShay were asked who they thought would prove to be the best QB 5-6 years down the road.  Jalen Rose pointed out Matthew Stafford threw for 5,000 yards in 2011 therefore he is the best and will be the best.  Any further explanation Jalen? He continued to reiterate Stafford’s obvious superiority based solely upon that statistic and his gut.  You are telling me that idiotic, ignorant, oblivious, and immensely uninformed opinion is worth $1 million per year?  This falls under the Dicky V logic.

It is baffling that those aforementioned ‘experts’ are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to not only offer up irrational opinions but also to comment on how overpaid players are.  We all know Alfonso Soriano is overpaid but for former analyst and now chief instigator Bobby Valentine to comment how overpaid Soriano is even further baffles me.  This is borderline equivalent to Rick Pitino ridiculing Bobby Petrino, Jose Canseco disowning Alex Rodriguez or Ryan Braun…yes Braun is guilty, or Metta World Peace criticizing LeGarrette Blount. 

Those consistently earning their paychecks along with Todd McShay and Mel Kiper include Trent Dilfer, Cris Collinsworth, Troy Aikman, Doug Gottlieb, Jay Bilas, Harold Reynolds, and Barry Melrose.  Each of those individuals do a few things very well: stick to their expertise, present simple and concise arguments, and stay within the realm of their position and expectations of the viewer.  The last is most often exhibited with ESPN’s Chris Berman as he hosts the NFL Draft, during which he takes precious moments away from Mel Kiper Jr. with his constant hand gestures and annoying shrug of the shoulders. 

Sure, Rashard Lewis might have made $21 million last year but at least he is selling jerseys and gaining other sponsorships for his team.  It would be perfect to hear Lewis, Kolb, Soriano, or Cassel question ESPN for hiring Edwards, Bruschi, Vitale, or Rose and wonder if they are really earning their salary.


By Andrew Doughty