Caitlin Clark Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this month, Caitlin Clark was left off of the Team USA roster for the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympic Games. And NBA megastar Kevin Durant seems to think that was the correct decision, even if he is very impressed by Clark’s game.

During a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Kevin Durant made it clear that he supports USA Basketball in its decision not to include Clark on the Olympic roster this season, but he made it clear that he thinks she will be on it in the future, and he had some high praise for her.

“I still think it’s proper steps you gotta take in our world to be considered an Olympian,” Durant said. “I think she’s gonna definitely be on one of these teams going forward, but right now it’s better candidates out there, I think.

“But Caitlin’s just gotta continue to keep showing up every day, and the WNBA is doing a great job of showcasing her. I’m seeing her games on ESPN every other day. I’ve seen talks around – no matter what they’re talking about, there’s a lot of dialogue around the game right now, so that’s good as well.”

Clearly, Clark has brought a lot of excitement to the league, but Durant seems to think that other players were simply more deserving.

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