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The Minnesota Wild pulled even in their series and forced a Game 7 against the Colorado Avalanche at home on Monday. While the Wild seemed to be focused on the task at hand, I was too busy focused on the intense blonde girl screaming at Charlie Coyle to whoop some ass in the video clip below:

I clearly wasn’t the only one enamored with her, as a #LadyInPink hashtag started trending soon after she was spotted getting fired up.

The crazy, Bud Light Lime lovin’ beauty was later identified as Alyssa Nelson, who – according to a quick scan of her Twitter profile – is a Wild superfan and a Hooters waitress.

After being identified, Nelson’s Twitter follower count quickly started to pick up steam. One look at some of her photos and it’s easy to see why. Check out some more pics of the Wild’s new good luck charm by clicking through.

[h/t @CJZero]

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