Roddy White stirred up the proverbial pot for the Falcons big game against the New Orleans Saints this coming Monday night.  Roddy said; ” if the Falcons do not turn the ball over to the turnover-loving Saints that Atlanta will win.”  Apparently this simple comment wasn’t enough to satisfy the rowdiness Roddy wanted and proceeded to go in on Trent Dilfer via Twitter after Dilfer said the Falcons were not “indestructible” in the Georgia Dome.

Cosby Sweaters decided to show you (the readers) how grown men are reduced to acting like small children when they use Twitter.

Roddy White’s non-censored Tweets (Please Click on the images to enlarge)

Roddy 1Roddy 2

The Saints Will Smith decides to respond…

Will Smith

And Reggie sees fit to re-tweet

Reggie Bush

Take it off Twitter and onto the field little boys.