I’m not a big coffee drinker but I do stop by the local Starbucks every Monday to see what the free Pick of the Week they are offering up as their iTunes collaboration.  Now that they’ve moved beyond just music to include apps and movies it’s really gotten good.

As a frustrated NBA fan I was particularly pleased when today’s offering turned out to be a free download of an ESPN Films 30 for 30 video.  Specifically they’re offering up “Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. The New York Knicks” which is good watching if you’re missing the NBA and a swift kick in the crotch if you happen to like the Knicks.

If you haven’t seen it here’s the basics:

Reggie Miller single-handedly crushed the hearts of Knick fans multiple times. But it was the 1995 Eastern Conference Semifinals that solidified Miller as Public Enemy #1 in New York City. With moments to go in Game 1, and facing a seemingly insurmountable deficit of 105-99, Miller scored eight points in 8.9 seconds to give his Indiana Pacers an astonishing victory. This career-defining performance, combined with his give-and-take with Knicks fan Spike Lee, made Miller and the Knicks a highlight of the 1995 NBA playoffs. Peabody Award-winning director Dan Klores will explore how Miller proudly built his legend as “The Garden’s Greatest Villain”.

While a lot of ESPN programming these days drives me nuts (Sports Science anyone?) the 30 for 30 movies are universally well done and interesting.  No idea how many of the little cards they offer up or if it’s every at every Starbucks but if you like basketball or just hate the Knicks you should check it out.

You can read all about the film and watch the trailer here.