If you passed on your chance to buy the Oregon Duck football teams liquid metal Rose Bowl helmet while they were available don’t despair because now you can get one of only two liquid metal Nike drivers ever made. Oregon is auctioning the driver through their Oregon Authentic auction site but unlike the surplus athletic apparel normally available on the site this driving range killer is something totally unique.

There are only TWO of this club in the entire world. This particular driver has undergone the same Liquid Metal Process as the Oregon Ducks Rosebowl Helmets. It features a reflective Liquid Metal finish with silver reflective wings on its body. The Fubuki shaft is decorated with ninja throwing stars.

That’s right, if liquid metal isn’t enough for you there are ninja throwing stars too. How are there not ninja throwing stars on all golf clubs?

If you’re ready to move from the red tees to well beyond the blacks you better get out your checkbook. With more than two days left in the auction the bidding has already gone over $1,500.

The real question is who has the other liquid metal driver. For my money it’s a toss-up between Phil Knight and Casey Martin. Just kidding, it’s Phil Knight.