A Saturday World Wonder Ring Stardom match between Japanese wrestlers Yoshiko and Act Yasukawa turned ugly when it became apparent that the fight between the two was no act.

Yoshiko decided to turn the event into a real brawl.

WARNING: The clip is very violent and graphic in nature (the fight starts around the 3:30 mark).

Stardom Highlights (2-22-15) (Act Yasukawa… by Mosquitopilate1

As one can see in the clip above, it doesn’t take long for Yoshiko to start laying into Act Yasukawa. According to Complex, Yasukawa suffered a ton of injuries; including a “broken orbital bone, broken nose, and concussion that she reportedly suffered during the match.” Insanely enough, Yasukawa tried to get back in the ring to finish the match and had to be restrained from doing so.


The motivations for Yoshiko’s actions are unknown at this time (not that it should matter).

Via Uproxx:

Reasons for Yoshiko turning on her have ranged from not wanting to drop the title to Yasukawa, to simply being jealous of her rise in popularity. STARDOM officials have yet to release an official statement on the situation, or any possible consequences for Yoshiko.

Hopefully, Yasukawa will be OK.


Photos via Yahoo!