LeBron rolled into Quicken Loans Arena in style tonight.  Rocking his Urkel glasses and a brand new letterman jacket. Although this jacket seemed to represent more than just what he has accomplished on the court, it seems to say how he really feels about everything. Photoshopped images are hitting the web but CS has the original, untouched images that show his patches in detail.  Take a Look!

LeBron Entrance with Jacket

You’ll notice the traditional “Traitor” patch that symbolizes what a complete a-hole he is and how he completely took a dump on the city of Cleveland.  The phrase “Ego Diligo Mihi” translates to “I Love Me” – a representation of his deep intimate relationship with himself, and how he fathers his own babies with his asexual self.  Finally, you’ll notice the Cosby Sweaters logo on the left shoulder. Game recognize game.

LeBron's Jacket