In a tremendous display of partnership and creepiness the mascots for the Euro 2012 soccer tournament were unveiled today in Kyvi, Ukraine, the nation co-hosting the tournament with Poland.   But why settle for still photos when you can see the mascots in action?

Don’t be frightened by the incredibly creepy looking ‘twin’ footballers and their eerie silence because according to deputy head of Kyiv City Administration Anatoliy Holubchenko (a huge fan of Cosby Sweaters):

The mascots are the symbols of unity between the two countries – Ukraine and Poland. I am convinced that these cute guys will be real mascots for our countries, and the tournament will open a new and promising Ukrainian capital to Europe.

We would introduce the mascots by name but apparently even they don’t know what to call themselves.  UEFA is letting children, no matter how terrified, vote at McDonald’s to pick from three possible sets of names:  Slawek and Slavko, Siemko and Strimko, or Klemek and Ladko (Polish and Ukrainian names respectively, although you knew that). If you aren’t in one of the host cities before December 3rd you can vote here.  No matter which names you vote for be sure to bring the photo above to your next haircut so you can be sure they get the colors right.