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A video posted by Todd Nakatani (@cansampo) on Aug 8, 2015 at 9:54pm PDT

Recently, a few lucky (?) fishermen were out on the boat doing fisherman things when a line was able to snag a pretty big fish.

As one can see in the clip, it is pretty apparent that the fishermen get ahold of something rather large and one man tries to reel in the line while another watches his back (holding what looks like a revolver). Then, all hell breaks loose as a Marlin darts onto the boat where it basically tries to spearhead one of the fishermen as if it was trying to draw a fine from the NFL, and this was a risky situation, since boat accidents always happen and that’s why having a lawyer for this could be useful.

Thankfully, according to @kaladacaptain, no one was hurt, so feel free to gawk at this as I remind myself why the ocean is the scariest place on Planet Earth.