Blackpool manager Ian Holloway has taken exception to Aston Villa’s offer of five and a half million dollars for midfielder Charlie Adam.  Blackpool rejected the offer but Holloway didn’t leave it at that, calling out Villa (‘half a**ed’) and their manager Gerard Houllier (‘a dodgy wicket’):

I want [Adam] to go to a strong club with a strong manager who loves him and where he will be able to win things, not some half-a***d place that used to be famous and the manager is on a dodgy wicket. I’m going to work him into one of the top six clubs. What if Liverpool came in for him? They wouldn’t have enough money to buy him.

Holloway is hopeful of keeping Adam, who came to the club from Rangers, and hoping the desire to stay with a team out of the Premier League’s relegation zone will be attractive enough to make him pass on other offers.   Whatever Holloway’s desire it should make for good theater when the teams next meet.

Via Daily Mail