In video games, it makes sense to have legends return in digital form. Everyone wonders how certain players would match up on the field. It gives them a unique chance to play with or against the player itself. That is why it makes MLB The Show 18′ all the more interesting since Babe Ruth is officially part of it.

The Great Bambino has been in MLB games in the past, but this is the first time in this generation of consoles he appears. In the game’s first look trailer, the Sultan of Swat shows up at the very end for a massive tease.

It already has the gaming community going nuts, and it shows how even after all these years, that legends never die.

The trailer also shows many other cool innovations including the fan cheering section. For Aaron Judge, they will have the fans that dress up like judges. They also showed Ken Griffey Jr. in the game so that means many more legends could be in play.

Sports video games can get stale without innovation. The Show is trying something different, and if the buzz is any indication, they have a hit on their hands.

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