Ummm no

Thomas Swindal, a 53-year old man from Florida, died last week after he, in his eyes, hit the jackpot.

Thomas and his brother were fishing one day when they noticed something floating in the water.  They pulled it on board and, sure enough, it looked like a kilo of cocaine.  Thomas’ brother went back to fishing and, when he turned around a few moments later, saw that his brother had not only torn the package open but was vigorously snorting the contents.

What happened next is sad but kind of amusing.  Thomas’ brother told authorities that about ninety minutes later Thomas began to run around the boat.  He tossed his cell phone and radio into the water and than began beating the engine with every tool he could find until it wouldn’t start.

Swindal’s brother then threw all the sharp things and the mystery package of powder off the boat before signaling state Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officers to rescue them.

Poor Thomas Sindal was taken to the hospital where he died the next day.

Here’s a bit of advice from the Cosby Sweaters staff:  if you find something that looks like cocaine (or any kind of drug for that matter) floating in the water, don’t snort it.  Just leave it be.